Umhlanga Language Centre
Internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL courses 

Umhlanga Language Centre is an internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL course provider for face-to-face and online courses through ITEFLAC (International TEFL Accreditation Council).  

Because of the Covid pandemic we have suspended all our face-to-face courses and closed our premises in Umhlanga, South Africa. We still provide you with the same excellent service though! Currently, we function 100% online.
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International TEFL Accreditation

The International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC) is an independent body specialising in the accreditation of TEFL/TESOL course providers and institutions. If you are a TEFL/TESOL course provider, you can take advantage of ITEFLAC’s international accreditation for TEFL/TESOL providers. Getting ITEFLAC accreditation is proof of your institution’s commitment to providing a quality education which is recognized all over the world.

Why is accreditation important?

Importance of Accreditation

No one can deny the importance of accreditation in today’s world where many unrecognized and mediocre institutions have sprung up, providing a subpar education to unsuspecting students around the globe. Both employers and students prefer accredited organizations as they have international recognition and also offer an education which is on par with global standards. They also provide students an enabling, interactive environment and other ample facilities which enhance their learning experience and intellectual capacity.

International standards

World-Class TEFL Education

In keeping with its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, the ITEFLAC grants international accreditation to TEFL/TESOL course providers committed to providing students with a world-class education. The accrediting agency not only accredits an institution following a thorough assessment of the latter’s unique points profile system, but also ensures that the accredited institute undergoes a continuous improvement process to develop modern curricula, tailored to the students’ specific requirements. Upon receiving accreditation from ITEFLAC, your institution will enjoy a number of immediate benefits.